Recycle your plastic gift and credit cards

Between gifts cards, credit cards, and old health insurance cards, I’ve got a far bit of plastic in my drawer. It finally dawned on me to just look it up online, and lo and behold, someone is recycling them. Earthworks System, LLC takes the cards, grinds them up, and then creates new PVC sheets (that’s what they’re made of) so new cards can be made.

Send your cards to

Earthworks System, LLC
33200 Bainbridge Road, Suite E
Solon, OH 44139

Based on “Can I recycle plastic gift cards?” at Mother Nature Network.


Caution when consuming media

On The Media released a handbook for how to treat media reports, particularly during and immediately following a major event. The release was last year, but the information is just as important today and in the future. Point 9 is quite important, but I think could go further. You are part of the social media and are responsible for what you post. Take care when linking to or quoting an article. When you post to something that turns out to be wrong, your credibility is harmed. If you are unsure of a report but feel it is worth posting, say so explicitly. Good communication is everything.

Cleaning Up a Broken Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb (CFL)

Twice in one week to people I know? Yep, it’s time for a PSA. No need to freak out, but that powdery stuff in compact fluorescent light bulbs IS hazardous (it contains mercury).

Here’s the EPA’s how-to:

(originally shared via Google+ on May 21, 2014)

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